Wednesday, July 17

"Shyness pronunciation"

The 'n' is silent... probably.

Tuesday, July 9

"is it ok to eat your skin"
"is it ok to have sex with a vegine"

vegan? vagina? who knows...
"is it ok to inject milk?"

[makes sense]

"i don't want to fall asleep after i snort my last bag of heroin powder because it keep happaning to me for three days now"

[only one way to find out]

"is it ok to drink boiling tap water"


"is it ok not to texture bathroom walls"
"is it ok for my hubby to dress and act like a baby"

[who does?]

"i don't want a large farva"

Monday, July 8

[desperately seeking...]

"young nigga with a llama"

Wednesday, July 3


"i don't watch game of thrones so naturally i assume it's where wannabe kings play musical chairs and the winner gets the throne"

[it depends]

"is it weird for your girlfriend to call you nigga"


"recipe calls for vanilla pudding mix i don't have it can i just leave it out"

[Any day now]

"it's been three years and i still don't love my adopted son"

Tuesday, July 2


"i stop masturbating but i don't want prostate cancer"

[worse than hitler]

"i don't like my sister's puppy am i a bad person?"

[return policy]

"it's been three years and i still don't love my adopted son"

Monday, July 1

[mississauga or bust!]

"auditions in mississauga for acting"

...this is just a guess, but something tells me that you may have to get outside of mississauga if you're looking to expand your acting career...

[that'll learn her]

"mother violates daughter for acting like a young hoe on fb"