Friday, June 28

"i don't want to have kids with my husband because it will be ugly"
"how do i get internet when i live down a road that don't have a port open"
"i don't believe in genetics"

yeah, genetics is bullshit.
"i don't have my period yet but i want it how do i make myself get it"
"don't tell my dad i banged a black guy video"

Thursday, June 27

"i;m writing a book but don't know how to start"

so you're not really writing a book, are you?
"i don't draw anime because i am not a faggot"
"i don't know if i'm ready for a relationship again yahoo"

"i don't remember paeter gabriel"

[who does?]

"i don't have time for fake niggers"
"i think my friend jeff is gay i don't know i'm so bad with names"

So it may not be jeff and he may not be gay... hence the google search?

Wednesday, June 26

"quitting school to pursue acting not gonna be cute forever"
"acting like you have death threats against you"
"what are some ways to stop yourself being gay"

Tuesday, June 25

[It means you're an idiot]

"What does it mean if you hit a bird with your car "