Tuesday, April 16

"is it true that unicorns were mentioned in the bible"
"is it true that guys have periods"


"is it true that megan fox is a guy"
"walking that turns women on"

Monday, April 15

[have you tried rebooting it?]

"why won't my dog eat me out"

Tuesday, April 9

[Who doesn't?]

"i like when my wife crushes bugs"

"should i let my dog lick my vagina?"

Sunday, April 7

"when a person has been tought have to grow up in god while i have not grown up in god what do the bible say about this?"
were in the bible does it say bats lay eggs
"grandma showing her private parts"

Wednesday, April 3

"i was giving birth to a wonderful family 42yrs ago. my parents where an american my dad was in the marine until he left and become civil engineer"
"shewantdickout of herithurt"