Tuesday, February 12

"i think my target is jack weingarten. understandably i feel pretty sick. doesn't mean i won't say inject or swallow."


"am i the only parent that won't get my kids ipod touches?"
"is it true that polar bears are left handed"
"is it true that justin bieber is 51"
"is it true that only the good die young"

Monday, February 11

"is it true that romney wants to ban tampons and pads"
"is it true that underachievers are sometimes the smartest people"

"is it true that your heart stops when you sneeze"
"is it ok to only have one rat"
"is it ok to quote yourself"
"is it true that everyone has herpes"
"is it true that black people can't swin"
"is it ok to yell at your toddler"
"is it ok to put a rug on carpet"
"is it ok to pray for money"

Saturday, February 9

[30-word search]

"can work not give your schedule but call you daboss didnt give me aschedule work week areadty stated want me to wait by the phone for schedule is this legal"
"is babysitting cream legal to play in the usa ?"