Friday, August 24

"best way to shave a guys pubs"


  1. Oh, haha, I can see why this must've sounded weird. I was actually trying to search for the best way to shave a guy's PUBES. Honest mistake.

  2. First you must be sure that the pub you are shaving is an actually pub, and not a bar. The two can be easily confused for one another. Bars are usually dimly lit, smokey and noisy. Pubs on the other hand are bright, usually telecasting sports games on the tv in the background, and sometimes have a live performing band.
    If you go about shaving a bar, you must do it from the top down.
    If you are shaving a pub, you must do it from the bottom up.
    If you are however, shaving your groin, and looking for instructions on how to do so, you are an idiot.

  3. Use the trimmer thing on the back of electric razors. Cheaper than disposable, no ingrown hairs, etc.

    I post this because I had a hell of a time figuring it out all those years ago.

  4. Soak with kerosene and light it on fire. This works for both pubs and pubes.