Friday, July 20

"midget dressed as amy winehouse"
"do you get a check if you are a legal midget"

Thursday, July 12

"do midgets have normal sized wieners"
"do midgets have night vision"
"what exactly is a clown"
"how to make psilocybin mushrooms legal is there any way"

Wednesday, July 11

"is it legal to collect rainwater"
"is it legal to take off rear window wiper off prius"

Tuesday, July 10

"what is the legal temperature for offices"
"what is the legal temperture for work to be"
"is it legal for one to assault someone once they've been been vandalized"
"is teenwankboys legal"
"is it legal to name all three sons the exact same name?"
"is it legal to spank someone with a paddle with holes in it"
"is it legal to own a grenade launcher in arkansas"
"does anyone know--if i as a motivational speaker take a clip from u-tube is it legal to use it . i'm not selling my talks!"
"is it legal for women to purposely have babies out of wedlock"

(emphasis mine, though it's definitely implied)

Legal Searches

The most popular legal questions by far are about marijuana - what states is it legal to buy grow, possess, etc. The second most popular legal questions seems to be about firearms - specific states and the rights to buy, carry, shoot, kill, etc. Third are the questions about sex - minors, age of consent, can a _ year old be with a _ year old, etc.

After that it starts to settle down but the best legal searches are the very, very specific ones (as you'll be seeing), but also the ones that are very obviously legal or illegal and you'll be seeing those posted, too. In some of them, you can almost hear the searcher's voice - they're pissed off about something that's happened to them and they're rushing to to the Internet to check on its legality. Those are some of my favorites, and I'll definitely be posting them.

"how tall is a legal midget"
"is dirty dancing legal in nh"
"is sex legal in new hampshire"