Friday, May 25

"the diet coke of evil"

Thursday, May 24

"where is my clitoris?"
"how not to photograph your cat"
"how to make pus come on out from a toothpick wound that has gotten infected and some drainage but feels puffy and also hard in spots"

Tuesday, May 22


"how come i eat expired food and never get sick"
"how did muhammad ali come to power"
"how can i be come a good speeler"

Friday, May 18

"give me a template explaining how you are a competent adult when it come to decision-making"

uh, in powerpoint or word?
"how to look good when you come out of the ocean"
"how to make a wish come true right now"
"how come i do something good but then i don't get good luck"

Thursday, May 17

"how come people laugh when i sing"
"how do the sun come up"
"how come women can dance together"
"how come sometimes i wake up because i feel like something pushed on my face and made a loud sound"

Friday, May 11

"does the uk need more wind farms"

Thursday, May 3

“can graveyard dirt and pee make someone fall in love"

(courtesy of unnamed industry colleague)
"how to get graveyard dirt out of black hair"

(courtesy of unnamed industry colleague)