Sunday, April 22

"what does the bible say about paranormal activities"
"what does the bible say about aliens"
"what does the bible say about ufos"
"what the bible says about other forms of adultry"

Friday, April 20

"what does the bible say about itself"
"what the bible says about a women presdint"
"what does the bible say about secret societies handshakes"
"what the bible says about skincare"

Thursday, April 19

"what does the bible say about cavemen"
"what does the bible say about black people"
"what the bible say about copyright infringement"
"what does the bible say about time management"
"bible says no to applied kinesiology"
"what does the bible say about brian ridolfi"
"what does the bible says about an idiot person"
"wat da bible say bout important stufs"
"what does the bible say about my space"
"what does the bible say about bigfoot"

"hello my name is bingo"
"hello my name is bitch"
"hello my name is crystal meth"
"hello my name is fuck you"
"beteranswers to me my quations"
"what does the bible say about video games"

Monday, April 16

"help my husband watching gay porn"
"how do i tighten my vigina"

Friday, April 13

"fucking my littel gril"
"getting married to my pickup truck"
"what causes fat rolls on my lower stomach?"

Thursday, April 12

"beta jews"

I think Jews are past the beta stage at this point.
"why men give the silent treatment to your wife"
"yes my wife said i can wear her panty girdles"

Wednesday, April 11

"how many meat rabbits am i allowed to keep on my property without approval?"
"be your own private investigation"
"your are the reason my kids are ugly"
"how to make your own pipe weed lamp"
"yeah i kissed my daddy"

Tuesday, April 10

"pussy accidentlawyer"
"if your are on birth control & using a condoomcan you still get pregnate"
"signs that your female dog is in season"

Monday, April 9

"will it hurt to bleach your teeth with clorox?"
"the best softwire to pick my lottery numbers to win"

Thursday, April 5

"how many parts does your brain have?"
"how to ask your mum do you want to have sex with me"
"medical question why is my food turning green while chewing"

Wednesday, April 4

"when should i smack my child?"
"want to speed my pc 300 times faster"
"magnifying glasses for the blind"

Sunday, April 1

"man i love my girdles"
"signs your nigerian husband is cheating"
"do uighurs have sex?"
"i knew i had superpowers and laser eye beams"