Friday, January 20

"bild your one websight"

Thursday, January 19

"benefits of keeping your ovaries"

Tuesday, January 17

"bennifits of spending time with your children"
"bike stole my nigga"
"beating your balls for cum"


beat up your computer
beat up your wife game
beat your boss
beat your computer
beat your mom
beat your truck
beat jews
beat up your ex
beat up your PC
beat your kids
beat your meat
beat your son
"before this happened my wife had always been a prude"
"bareback cum worship"

Wednesday, January 4

"what is that shit on your chest"
"are ransoms paid to pirates tax deductible?"
"life is an amazing show. although i find oprah's voice distracting. i heart animals"
"my dog ate my underwear am i pregnant"