Thursday, December 22

"i feel like i am on fire every time i eat"
"they want my adderall"
"what to do if my dog can't rest comfortably due to heart failure"
"sticking your wiener in a dogs butt"
"what makes the thunder sound on my computer"

Thursday, December 15

"how do you know when you are strong enough for work and driving after being in hospital for 6 weeks and was on ventilator and couldnt even turn over by myself when i came off "
"how many years does it take for the universe to make one revolutinn"
"justin bierer phone number for real"
"how much is something worth?"
"old fashioned cocks"
"www.what is the meaning of this word serversive"
"how to curl hair with a straightener"

Wednesday, December 14

"how can i hit a girl without going to jail?"
"hot old granny and still squirting"

Friday, December 9

"my mom thinks i'm smoking and i am"
"child is making my home an unsafe environment"

Monday, December 5

"recycled homemade teen girl duct tape"

Friday, December 2

"can a narcoleptic be a rapist?"
"sexual things to do with poprocks"