Tuesday, November 29

"rate my tites"

Monday, November 21

"my famous french person"

Friday, November 18

"i have diarra every morning"
"can you make a penis on a graphing calculator?"
"how to tell if your sister is into you sexually"
"she forgot she stuffed a few of them in my grilled cheese sandwich"
"child pantyhose forums"

Monday, November 14

"ireland's largest sperm bank robbed early this morning"

Friday, November 11

"child skitsofrantic"
"child molester bible"
"lost my vaginity"
"why is this on my website?"

Thursday, November 10

"essay on importance of parents in my life"

Tuesday, November 8

"he is jumping on my car"

Sunday, November 6

"i cannot get a condom out of my vagina"
"why is my iron supplement so high in iron?"