Friday, October 21

"should my husband be able to tell me why he loves me?"


  1. Yes. If you ask him, he ought to have an answer for you. And don't let him get away with just rattling off a list of your good points. You know your good points, right?

    Look, usually with great love, there's a major shock to the system. Like BAM! you're in love and there's nothing you can do about it. Something triggers that, something happens to cause two people to feel that way about each other. Sometimes it happens at the same time to both of them, but not always. If he hasn't felt that yet, he may be hoping he will, or really thinking he will. It's possible he thinks he already has, when he hasn't. Thing is, if he didn't feel it before you got married, it might still happen, but why take chances? Don't you think there's someone out there who will feel that for you right away? Don't you deserve to at least go look?

  2. *Hint* Its me ;-)

  3. I should think so unless he's mute and lacks appendages with which to write and/or communicate his love for you via sign language.