Friday, October 28

"does poligrip work for vampire fangs how do you get them off?"


  1. Well once vampire fangs get stuck on your teeth, they aren't coming off. The truth is you're begining to become a vampire and should invest in some literature about it. Try the wait that's what the Hunters will expect. Just start stocking up on human blood. I know a guy at the donors who used to give me a good deal on homeless blood. Of course that's before my front teeth fell out. But yeah it's only about $50 for a good gallon of poor people blood, and it's almost as nutrious as fresh. Almost...

  2. Dracula Jones, DDSNovember 1, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    Poligrip works great for fangs! I recommend it to all of my (supernatural) patients. I've found that the best way to remove them is a combination of unicorn blood and the tears of frightened children. Good luck!

  3. Oh wow! It's almost as if he were going to use the vampire fangs as part of a halloween costume, but we are pretending to not understand for comedic effect!! This is a great website!!

  4. You must be very jaded to the world.

    1. This is going past "jaded" straight in to "suicidally depressed".

  5. Actually this is an awesome idea, not sure why it's tagged as bad ideas. The stuff those fangs come with does not work at all in my experience, and a little denture adhesive is awesome, provided you aren't planning to eat much for a few hours (a bit messy). You just gently tug them off and brush away the adhesive. :-) Worked very well for me.

  6. Unicorn blood check....frightened crying children...give me an hour
    And on behalf of my 12 year old thank you for the above...I wasn't going to let him adhere the fangs until we found out how to get them off.