Monday, October 31

"where can i get moulded vampire fangs in australia?"

(willing to travel the entire continent for these fuckers)
"how to prevent salem witch trials"

Friday, October 28

"does poligrip work for vampire fangs how do you get them off?"
"how to spell evil laugh"
"why are vampires & werewolves in conflict?"


"witch balls to ward off evil"
"how to discover my ghost like abilities"
"essential oils of getting rid of ghosts"
"guaranteed levitation & invisibility spells"

Thursday, October 27

"free spells for beginner witches/freezing time spell for beginners/white magic"
"witch craft spells for acne"
"witch balls to ward off evil"
"vegaterrian site shows witch food is good for you"
"does anyone know a spell to turn me into a mermaid or witch?"
"hairless cat on the news this morning 3-4"

Wednesday, October 26

"where has my domain been"
"she lathed at my small penas"
"slow down my computer"
"dull pain in my right side am i pregnant"

Tuesday, October 25

"does hair effect whatr my scale says"

Monday, October 24

"talk about my hair"
"will my car run on water?"

...and you've been putting gasoline in it this whole time?
"somebody gonna be my victim"

Friday, October 21

"what does this mean humans do not enole from monkeys?"

          Don't worry about it - you just explained it perfectly.
"do i have to quit smoking if i except jesus for my personal lord and savior?"

I don't know, but He may take exception to your shitty spelling and lack of understanding just about everything.
"will stripping my mambranes induce labor?"
"the best thing to use to get the glue from an eeg out of my son's hair"

Something is very wrong with you - and your eegs.
"should my husband be able to tell me why he loves me?"
"your gonna love my nuts picture"

I already do. I already do.

Thursday, October 20

"that's just what i wanted stinky ball sweat on my popcorn"
"what phone number is this 5-062-260-3467?"
"funerals like this make me wish i owned a tie"

Wednesday, October 19

"what type of rash is on my back?"
"shame on you now you watch my little pony"
"the next republican that questions my religion i'm going to choke with my rosary beads"

Friday, October 7

"where can i get free spyware for my computer"
"should a woman be allowed to rule my country?"
"who is criss angel dating this very moment?"
"what does my human appendix look like?"
"does my child need social behavior therapy or does she simply use the computer and tv too much"

You know, because it's one or the other...

Tuesday, October 4

"ethiopia hoes"

"erotic love with jesus"