Friday, September 30

"how they make that net"
"symptoms and effects on dogs of repeated ingestion of crystal meth"

Thursday, September 29

"huge caution cone in pussy"
"ass oxide"
"how to know if my dad was a greek god"
"how to hurt a hippo"
"i wish i had a waterproof laptop so that i would watch porn in the shower"
"can men anal squirt?"

Thursday, September 22

"slave slut eating dog poop"
"why do they place the pork in pork-n-beans?"

Thursday, September 15

"can rabbits get the hiccups?"
"top ten reasons to date a lacrosse player"

Monday, September 12

"it isn't going to lick itself"
"if i were you i wouln't eat it all"
"how come a cupcake is not a mineral?"
"what is the joy in killing a person?"

Friday, September 9

"is it wrong to be sexually attracted to reptiles?"
10 ways to kill my sister
100 ways to kill your mom
1000 ways to kill a man
101 ways to kill a person
"i like to rape cheese what do i do"

Thursday, September 8

"does taylor swift have a penis?"
"nothing quite as worthless as a white girl"