Friday, August 12

"does sand taste better than dirt?"


  1. I don't know about better, but there's definitely a difference. With dirt, you can taste hints of whatever grows from the land it came from. There's a plant-y undertaste, not unpleasant, but noticible. It makes me think of living things, of life. Sand generally comes from a beach or desert. Beach sand will have that tangy mix of salt and thousands of strangers' feet. Depending on which beach you get it from, you can sometimes detect hints of other body parts as well. Desert sand I find a bit bland, but with some of the better stuff you can get vague flavors of lizard and dank, musty cave. It wouldn't be worth the trouble of getting it, really, if it weren't for the high concentration of peyote in desert sand. Why do you think cactuses have peyote in them? It comes up from the sand they grow out of.

    When tasting the ground, always look around to see what plants grow out of it, what animals live in the environment, and what else is around. Try to take your time and get every flavor, and write down your observations.

  2. I find that a good, white sand is a great pallet cleanser after a wholesome meal of rainforest dirt.