Friday, July 29

"do vampires really not have sex?"
"asking people if they want to go to heaven or hell then taking them in a van to go to church"
"what happens if a libra & leo have sex?"
"what does it mean when a guys penis smells?"

Wednesday, July 27

"i want a unicorn tattoo on my vagina"
"i feel cold then hot & nervous"
"i hear you paint houses"

Tuesday, July 26

"how do i get me penis pointing straight up while erected?"
"having sex on a television"
"i cup of water =  "
"i like a big black monster"

Monday, July 25

You sure the fuck are.

"im the worlds greates"
"i want to know if i get hair on my vagina period or not"
"i injected saline into each of his large testicles"
"i like the heating element in the old vaporbrothers better"

Wednesday, July 20

"killing yourself with helium"

Wednesday, July 13

"the bible says you need to make me a sandwich"

Thursday, July 7

"can you get pregnet when dogs lick your pussy"

"differentiate between male and female labrador retrievers pictures of sex organs"

"Can sniffer dogs smell , anus?"

"a move of a dogs pains in a girls viginer goned to gether in real life"
"my dogs are barking my feet hurt"

Tuesday, July 5

"is it good to feel it in your stomach during sex?"