Wednesday, June 22

"i bet yall are looking at this right now"
"i am sooooo busy all the time now.... massage therapy school is going great..."

Tuesday, June 21

"i feel in love with tino"

Thursday, June 16

"homemade anal swiimsuit"

Monday, June 13

"i'm henry the viii i am"

Sunday, June 12

"hardwood i have to have an area rug"

Friday, June 10

"older ladies anal club meeting"
"would dogs ever learn to talk?"
"would like my dog to mate but without procreating"
"youngest potty trained puppy ever"
"lord of the anal ring toss"
"what should you use your vagina for storage?"
"no i did not mean sasha ravi golano"
"teenage son walks around hous boxer briefs"

Thursday, June 9

"possible for dog and human to mate?"
"the day dalmatians first become fire station dogs"
"this dog wont stop farting"
"can I get pregnant if he only stuck it in for a second"
"art and craf christ mass deckerashins"

Tuesday, June 7

"i'm only driving till i win the lottery"

Thursday, June 2

"can you be too overqualified for life?"


"can tampons be used to masturbinate?"
"what language is we no speak americano"