Tuesday, May 31

"where can you get dog rings for a dog for a dog wedding"
"can you marry a dog in sweden"
"can a golden retriever marry a german shepherd"

Friday, May 27

"i am not goint to be a scientist i don't need science class"
"my dog doesn't pee or poop like he use to"

Thursday, May 26

"can i get on the internet with a computer that is running windows 98?"
"worst thing to name your dog"

Wednesday, May 25

"how to explain to your girlfriend she sucks"
"how to increase my chance of having a redhead girlfriend"

Tuesday, May 24

"i am sorry and ihate myself right now page"
"i tried to do handstands for you i tried to do handstands for you"

"my dog gave me anal stories"

"i didn't open your lunch box"
"i point to the soup at lunch"

Thursday, May 19

"a dress up games in which a cat is marrie with dog"
"3 advantages of why cats are bigger than dog"
''a cat or a dog is a good pet,but a snake is not a good pet?"
"a cat can be pregnant by a dog ???"
"i am 16 & bored"
"i am 16 & i am gay"
"i am 16 going on 17"
"i am a principled chiropractor"

Wednesday, May 18

"i want to have sex with my dog but she growls"
"is it unhealthy to have sex with your dog"
"i am going to have sex with my dog but what do i do"

Monday, May 16

"where do you clean dog faeces off shoes in kitchen sink"
"how cleaver are boston terriers?"

Sunday, May 15

"dog cum flavor and texture"
normally searches are published here with quotes added to the search phrase, but this is an exception. Most searches have no quotes or pluses or anything so this one is special. For three reasons:

"three dogs " "my pussy"
"should i wash my dog's face with boric acid?"

Tuesday, May 10

"does males saliva turn girls on"
"name for female rodents soliciting sex"
"how to make crack with just baking soda"
"did you get me my cheez wiz boy?"
"who has the biggest penis in new york?"
"mistress stretch my bladder"
"i just want to throw the baby across the room"
"i am looking for someone who died"
"witch way to shave your ass"
"where can i find men masturbating"
"why is my canadian not pooping?"
"fine day to be nude bill clinton"

Monday, May 9

"do you have to take a oath to be rapper?"
"how many sex tapes are there yahoo"
"if your man trying to get paid for pleasure how do you start"
"what can i stick my penis in when i'm horny"
"is it possible to have your penis bitten off?"
"living with a huge penis book"
"how to build your own penis game"
"name of man with two penis's"

Friday, May 6

"i want to eat my granddaughters pussey"
"how wide can a vagina be stretched"
"how to kill the flash according to the bible"
"i have to hang the drapes from the ceiling"
"i saw god tonight and george straight"

Thursday, May 5

"can you smoke a bong in space?"
"hillary hillary hillary nude nude nude clinton clinton clinton"
"can you join the kkk if your half black?"
"can a guy masturbate with orange?"
"free spells to make your skin perfect white magic"
"i'm gonna let a wino decorate the house"
"how do guys put dominoes in their penis?"
"jobs for people who hate people"

Wednesday, May 4

"i pray that god comesinto me right now"
"should teens be required to wear diapers"
"I think I married a sociopath"
"i seem to be receiving spy messages"
"gayest songs to listen to"
"i should not have to throw myself a party"

Tuesday, May 3

"if god wanted to conserve energy"
"if i played a game & kicked my friend am i gay"
"i need to find a new vagina"
"how to get out of a car without exposing your vagina"
"i was certain she was purposely exposing her vagina to me"
"i courted a sailor"
"make an artificial vagina out of a plantain"
"my girlfriend times me getting home from work"
"i bought a chihauhau from a pet store but it isn't a chihauhau"
"my japanese girlfriend left me her shoes"

Monday, May 2

"how to report illegal aliens and still be politically correct"
"what happens to your uterus when you stand in front of a microwave?"

Sunday, May 1