Wednesday, April 13

"very very very funny jokes"

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  1. A woman is sitting outside on her porch, when her husband comes out of the house and says to her, "Honey, we're going fishing this Saturday. You, me, and the dog. We're going out on my boat to catch some fish all day." She replies that this sounds like a terrible weekend, but he is undaunted.

    "Look, I have been an excellent husband, and I never ask for anything like this. You've got three options here: you can go fishing with me and Rusty on Saturday; you can give me a blowjob; or you can let me fuck you in the ass. I'm gonna go inside for like fifteen minutes. When I come back out, I hope you'll have made your decision."

    When he comes back out, she begrudgingly says, "Fine. I'll give you a blowjob." So he drops his pants, and she gets down on her knees. She takes his dick in her mouth, but after about five seconds she spits it out, disgusted. "Ugh! Your dick tastes like shit!"

    He replies, "Yeah, the dog didn't want to go fishing either."