Thursday, April 28

"get a dictionary & learn the meaning of words dickinson"
"real spells to increase muscle"
"do you pee in a vagina to make a girl prenet?"
"5 reasons to punch a dolphin in the face"
"17 things to know about your cat oatmeal"

Monday, April 25

"what is the difference between a marine biologist and a nice dog"

Saturday, April 23

"do girls get bonors?"

"do apes finger each other for pleasure like humans"

"all i need is fat girls & weed"

"can you tell justin bieber to come live at sulphur springs texas 75482?"

Friday, April 22

"is a boot a shoe?"
"how long does it normally take for a voodoo love spell to work?"
"hot knee sock porn"
"this is a little girl on here that is in 4th grade & she wants to learn math i on here now i'm not a parent right now i'm a little girl"
"giant woman made of meat"

Thursday, April 21

"is it healthy to shake your entire vagina?"
"why can't girls take anal like guys"
"how to find out where your mom hid your bong"
"making pizza for the glorious leader"
"how to say i will rape you than stab you in spanish"

Wednesday, April 20

"getting a girl to fart in your face"
"what if wwe woke up gay"
"how to make your tongue longer attract girls"
"has the internet made girls sluttier?"
"is it a daddy issue when my white daughter lusts for ignorant black men?"
"would it be safe to tightly tie a rubber band on my penis for a short period of time?"
"sheep kidney vs. a human kidney"
"what age are mermaids allowed to swim to the surface & observe life above the sea?"
"nothing but pregnant woman giving birth"
"new form of kidnapping on truth or fiction"
"my penis is a dictionary now let me put some words in your mouth"
"not getting results tanning bed"
"you can't chop your mother up in massachusets"
"wooden soldiers made from terra cotta pots"
"any reason not to be an acrylic bathtub"
"TV violence possititve affect"

Tuesday, April 19

"home DNA test kit with instant results at home"
"top 10 ways to know if you are obsessed with bible prophecy"

Thursday, April 14

"why do i have to pee in a girls mouth?"
"the best alcohol to drink in a hot tub"
"does the sun make clock hands move?"
"make real meals with an easybake oven"

Wednesday, April 13

"hang stuffed animals from a chain in a baby's room"
"does the royal family use rose petals for confeti"
"if you take the morning after pill will it harm the baby if you are a week pregnant?"
"40 is the new 20 party ideas"
"how to make one bottle of wine muscadine grapes"
"build an underground safety deposit box safe in your backyard"
"make a 250Gal oil tank into a poartable pig cooker"
"clean funny short jokes about sheep"
"new dumb blond jokes"
"very very very funny jokes"
"funny jokes about a cough"

Tuesday, April 12

"do cat claws have venom"
"is a pet cat the same as a lion?"
"is it possible for a dog and a cat to mate?"

Monday, April 11

"my boss puts her foot to my mouth"
"she squeezed her breast brutally"
"breast specials plastic surgeon atlanta"
"is my name in the bible codes?"
"can you fix my canon printer pixma mp600?"

Sunday, April 10

"if you dont wear a bra your breasts never stop growing"

Same words, several meanings

"how to make the meat baloney"
"become a pro cheerleader right now"
"What Has 5 Sometimes 4 Hands But Is Normal?"

Friday, April 8

"npr potato marry tom brokaw sweet potato"

Wednesday, April 6

"i hate my job vitamin world"
"george lucas neck fat"

Tuesday, April 5

"if i was dentist how much would i make"
"eminem never smiles"
"closeup of katie couric's butt"
"how to find the death record of an estranged lover"

Monday, April 4

"is it all right to invest christain?"
"who is the owner of a alcoholic beverage that said something racist?"
"how to tickle his pickle class in illinois"
"what is wrong now if i've been bleeding for two weeks?"
"baby making games"
"why is john dillenger's penis wooden?"
"how to kill someone withgrapefruit juice"
"i got gold braces should i have chosed clear instead"
"how to fill a tooth cavity at home"
"i'm just tryin to get my life right don't want beef with youlet me eat with you"
"what is worse a sandwich or a sald?"