Thursday, March 31

"how to tell my 15 year old girl cousin that i love her"

Wednesday, March 23

"how to find riches in my attic"

Tuesday, March 22

"www.treatment for canines having gastrick problems"
"islamic remedy for hair loss"
"circumcise the foreskin of your heart"

Monday, March 21

"how men can dress for less as a woman"

Sunday, March 20

"how to fill a tooth cavity at home"
"draino to cure olives"
"to skid in sideways chocolate in one hand wine in the other your body"

Saturday, March 19

"i need madonnas neck veins"

Friday, March 18

"6 ibuprofen and a bowl of cereal is helping"

"the french invented camouflage?"
"what does jimwant for lunch?"
"i like peanut butter can you swim no my aunt drives a chevy"
"why does ice in my ass feel so good?"
"can my spouse sell my body?"

Monday, March 14

"psychological dryness of the mouth"

Saturday, March 12

"allergic reaction to 3d animated movies"

"how many gallons are in one cup"

Tuesday, March 8

"how to dress your way to a promotion"
"does eating pork change the blood to cancer?"

Friday, March 4

"what is the difference between a boy & a girl?"

Wednesday, March 2

"how to figure out one-third of something"

"how to search for shit"

Tuesday, March 1

"kids have to file tax returns"
"how to get out of debt with the bible"
"how to open your third eye safely"
"four things needed befire you get connected to the internet at home"
"china oil you can pay people different when you can further differentiate between preformance"