Monday, February 28

"resolutions for going bald that work fast"

Sunday, February 27

"how to make puppy chow for people"

Thursday, February 24

"who cleans pirates' ears?"

Monday, February 21

"can plucking nose hairs give you an aneurysm?"
"the significance of long eyelashes on men"
"how to get eyebrows to grow faster"

"how to get eyelashes to grow faster"

[to do what?]

"how do i train eyelashes?"

[missed connections?]

"huge pimples on the forehead because of arthritis"

[best search grammar ever.]

"of what are chapped lips a symptom?"
"does cutting eyelashes make them longer?"

[just askin']

"do eyelashes grow back if you burn them?"
"can i use rogaine to regrow my eyebrows?"
"what color makeup is the color mauve?"
"applying makeup to cover double chin"
"how do i grow my eyebrows out?"

Friday, February 18

"prayer for growing hair"

Wednesday, February 16

[that's not really frying, is it?]

"fry bacon in the oven"
"how would i look with straight teeth"
"10 facts about national stress awarness day"
"how to make eggnog for one"
"how to make duck soup for ferrets"
"10 facts about homeless people"

Tuesday, February 15

"is it proper for a christian to watch x-men movies?"
"how to give birth to puppies"
"how to get a dog's attention"

Friday, February 11

"what games can children play with deer?"
"what is a good question to ask a girlfriend?"

Thursday, February 10

"how to stop smoking, get in shape, & become a machine"

Monday, February 7

"how come the chinese always have oranges?"

Thursday, February 3

"i need to clean my dryer vent"

"when a boy says something ignorant to you what does that mean?

"is it ok son jack off infrount of his mom help me"

[how to do my fucking job]

"how to create a diagram that shows the cause & effect of a company that has too many shipping errors"
"we're against the 4.99 a month charge for facebook from june 30th 2010"
"the business i would start if i had the money"
"he is rich or seems to be since he buys from expensive catalogs & ogles million dollar homes"
"how to texture walls like olive garden's"
"how big should my turkey be"