Tuesday, January 25

"can you drink hot alcohol when your body is hot by birth?"

"how to tickle a person buried in beach sand"

Monday, January 24

"every time my daughter calls me she gets mad & hangs up"
"bow to me & kiss my feet"
"what is the best, surest, fastest, most effective and honest way to get a flat male stomach?"

Friday, January 21

"how to make a 4 year old competitive"
"how to ask out a hot blondy is you are asian"
"should obese people have to pay for their weight?"
"how deep should i bury my dog"
"what should not be used to fill a fire extinguisher"
"should you take probiotics with antibiotics"
Imperatives to know

"how many times a day should you fart"
"how many times a day should you pee"
"how many times a day should you poop"
"books every man should read"
"books every woman should read"
"books everyone should read"
"books i should read"
"books you should read"

Thursday, January 20

"how do you get big testicles"
"weird vagina"

Wednesday, January 19

"can miserable people make you sick?"
"i like talking to a woman"

Tuesday, January 18

"does alcohol increase the chance of conception?"
"pregnant and burps smell like eggs"
"how to get your tongue pierced & lose weight"

Monday, January 17

"how to decorate your tent for a sexy night"

Friday, January 14

"people that are hard working people"

Monday, January 10

"is the trojan war fact or fiction?"
"is the mermaid fact or fiction?"

Thursday, January 6

"chatroom that has a pregnant teen or mother that wants to give up her child for adoption"
"watch the longest masturbate by a women"
"pet ducks for sale that is real"
"i examined her while her goodies were hanging down"
"can chihuahuas eat collard greens?"