Monday, December 27

"how to attract women in public with telepathy"

Thursday, December 23

"how to get rid of spells that are cast out from moon worship"
"how to make regular words into nouns"

Wednesday, December 22

"if a guy can't look at you does he like you"
"what education was used to make the general cell phone?"
"what happens to my dog when i join the military?"

Tuesday, December 21

"how to give a woman a loving enema with your penis"

Friday, December 17

"amber likes to think of herself as being a smart shopper"
"can a patient be terminated after filing bankruptcy?"

Thursday, December 16

"12 steps: how to quit smoking with jesus"
"cell phone vs. qur'an"

Wednesday, December 15

"mathematical pick up lines"
"how to gain weight in a shrinking mom"

Tuesday, December 14

"how many times should i masturbate"

Monday, December 13

"what can i use as a dildo"
"you cannot have a bank account if"
"when obama went bankruptcy"

Thursday, December 9

"would a guy claim he's shorter than he actually is on an online dating profile?"
"what if someone takes money i don't have from my bank account?"
"how to incorporate the butt into your lovemaking"
"i need some money but i don't want to pay it back"
"why is the stock market immoral?"

Wednesday, December 8

"lease agreement for a bitch"
"would insurance consider this as one or two losses?"
"should christians pay out of state income tax?"
"are hair cuts tax deductible"
"who was the first person to make money and what did they need the money for?"
"why would a female giving a male a business card be wrong?"

Monday, December 6

"a picture of a situation where you would use a magnet"
"pregnant man photograph and teacher"

Friday, December 3

"who delivers food to my address"

- as opposed to fucking what!
"more starfish pictures"
"romantic midevil picture"
"real 6 million dollar bills in a picture"

Thursday, December 2

"what is the ingredients of sea salt?"
"what is the meaning of a pineapple"
"what is beading an egg?"