Thursday, November 18

"an elevator is rated to safely hold ten 250 lb people. the elevator is loaded as follows: three 600 lbs cartons of books jim (180 lbs) gavin (330 lbs) deb (250 lbs) and susan (120 lbs). in actuality this elevator is safe holding 10% more than the posted limit. how much more weight could be safely added to this elevator?"


  1. Google can do simple arithmetic,not solve all of life's questions.

  2. This elevator is below the standards established by OSHA, contact your nearest OSHA administrator immediately.

  3. my advice is get out the fuckin elevator before the fat basterds break it and you plummet to your death

  4. Gavin is a fatass.

  5. the correct answer is 70 lbs.

    Your elevator is rated for 2500 lbs (250 x 10). Your 10% extra (which I don't recommend trying) would put you at 2750 lbs (2500 + 10%).

    Your books weigh 1800 lbs total (3 x 600). Adding the people's weight gives you 2680 lbs (1800 + 180 + 330 + 250 + 120).

    Therefore, the difference between your max capacity and the current load is 70 lbs (2750 - 80).

    I have too much time on my hands.