Tuesday, November 30

"could termites be eating my grapevine tree?"
"how to find out whether an earthworm has eaten dirt"
"sweet sixteen party ideas with bandaids"

Monday, November 29

"do it yourself sex change with glue"
"how to make a demon have sex with you"
"are fairies in the bottom of my garden?"

Monday, November 22

"how big is harry potter's penis"

Friday, November 19

"the easiest way to get a urine sample from a female dog"

Thursday, November 18

"an elevator is rated to safely hold ten 250 lb people. the elevator is loaded as follows: three 600 lbs cartons of books jim (180 lbs) gavin (330 lbs) deb (250 lbs) and susan (120 lbs). in actuality this elevator is safe holding 10% more than the posted limit. how much more weight could be safely added to this elevator?"
"i forgot he was black for an hour"

Monday, November 15

"how to tell how old you are"

Sunday, November 14

"what do AIDS look like"

Friday, November 12

"i don't like to feel the rain in my shoes"

Thursday, November 11

"difference between mother nature and god"
"how to induce physical contact on a date"

Wednesday, November 10

"is a CPA license a marital asset?"
"milking her son llike a cow"

Tuesday, November 9

"number of ribs in a man vs. a woman"

"does a man have one less rib than a woman?"
"is my child abnormally tired?"
"the bible & the use of the internet"

Monday, November 8

"why did i get married too"

- it's the 'too' that makes this post-worthy.
"is lady gaga a hermaphrodite"
"how to eat out a female"

- if you didn't call them females, it may be a little easier for you...
"if i have my ged do i need a work permit"
"dryness from wood burning stoves and cats"

Thursday, November 4

"why do women get to wear pantyhose and high heels?"

Monday, November 1

"how to check your credit cards for fraudulent obama charges"