Wednesday, October 27

"i need to wear my bra & panty every day stories"

Monday, October 25

"candle spell to send to someont to attract their love"
"a day in the life of a famous person"
"cheating woman loses mazerati"

Saturday, October 23

"on my way up corby ave i saw people filling up jugs with water"
"the sweetest things you can say to a girl on the phone"
"my fish can't float to the top of the aquarium or sleep"
"my cervix is at the entrance of my vagina"

Friday, October 22

"cat harness leash is this practical"
"is my husband cheating lithia springs georgia or georgia?"
"my wife wears an eye patch"

Thursday, October 21

"if my child is allergic to dogs will having a dog harm him"
"is my bike a schwinn?"
"my tomato soup is too bitter"
"i love having sex with my father"
"how to repair lava lamps play bass reel in some cash grain alcohol"

Tuesday, October 19

"similarities between military & cult recruiters"

Friday, October 15

"does a room have to have a closet to be considered a bedroom?"

Thursday, October 14

"i like to touch my sons erection"

Wednesday, October 13

"gods plan for getting out of debt"

Tuesday, October 12

"what does the bible say about reverse mortgages?"
"is a banana a fruit or an herb?"

Monday, October 11

"the significance of a ring on the thumb"
"what is the difference between a male & a female squirrel?"

Friday, October 8

"is there a device that can turn a man into a woman?"
"is hosiery mandatory for the mother of the bride at a formal wedding?"
"is using a fake name in an email address a cyber crime?"
"statute of limitations on forging a deed on a house"
"did the public like the invention of the radio?"
"i need to wear my bra & panty every day stories"
"clothes for women that send signals"

Wednesday, October 6

"i put aloe on my scrotum now red"
"my wife was forced to sleep with my boss"

Tuesday, October 5

"i need to find my baffle"
"my neighbors are entering my grow room"
"i got pregnate by my dad's boss"
"i hate when people tell me to cut my hair"
"my daddy is a pretzel"

Monday, October 4

"my sons first shopping for bras stories"

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"my mom doggy style"

"my mom's fudge frosting"
"my husband had vasectomy & i said no"
"my dog ate a diaper"
"i think my hermit crab is dead"
"i frequently have air exhausted from my vagina"
"i am over loaded telling my boss"
"feel a lump at the front on the floor of my vagina"
"couples that swap cum"
"40 inch jizz"

Friday, October 1

"stuff that has to do with AIDS"
"what to do if i get roundup in my eye"
"what to do if baby mice get milk up their noses"