Thursday, September 30

"100 crazy things to do with a t shirt"
"stuff to do while at work"

- what about work?
"this female wants to know when this male will get over being mad"
"please this is not a jeep"
"legs are hurting is this lymphoma"
"fear of people who look up stuff to much"
"how does this be better?"

Monday, September 27

[self explanatory]

"spay abdomal hystorisssssssssssscmo"

Saturday, September 25

"sally transferred money from her personal account to a business account"

Thursday, September 23

"can i deduct the cost of a swimming pool with a doctor's excuse?"

Friday, September 17

"my vagina has mandibles"
"how to build a little birdhouse in your soul"

Wednesday, September 15

"how to type online for free"

Tuesday, September 14

"today i got flowers"
"mom need help son wont stop jack off"
"how do i lose weight for cats?"
"can you make a candle out of earwax?"

Friday, September 10

"how many stuff wereinthelusitania?"
"how can i get my butt bigger?"
"how to use stirrups for a prostate exam with a doctor"
"my child is an artist"

Thursday, September 9

"do not weld near a gas tank"
"can i ask a lawyer a question?"
"what can i expect the first time i use cocaine?"
"man & a woman fournacating"
"bars that open in the morning"

Wednesday, September 8

"my last wish is to be buried in my mothers wedding gown"

Tuesday, September 7

"why do cats eat ear wax?"

Monday, September 6

"What does the bible say about a man sleeping with his children?"
"horse with shock collar -dog -gogs"

Thursday, September 2

"groin kick galleries groin kick groin kick"
"how to masturebate for teenage boys"

- could there be a worse dangling modifier?
"as soon as parents leave i fuck my sisters ass"
"she male surprise stories"
"how to make a house look like the emerald city"
"wha tdo i do if i breathed in the chemical acid and blisters are forming in my nose"