Thursday, August 26

"can a man become a woman without an operation?"


"help me become anorexic"
"how do bengali feel about hip hop music?"

Tuesday, August 24

"black woman fingers her self with sexy feet"

- technically, that's not really 'fingering' now, is it?
"how to rape the creator of 'search of the day' in the ass?"

- congratulations, you made it onto SOTD.

Tuesday, August 17

"my horse is amazing"
"taboo ways of making your cock longer"
"what can i make that will make my cock longer"
"it will not open my emails and it will not let me responded"

Monday, August 16

"i used to think that i knew what we needed"
"why are there black spots on my human tongue?"

Wednesday, August 11

"Why do babies have those judging demonic eyes?"

Monday, August 9

"gay life assurance advice"

Thursday, August 5

"son ask mom can he jack off with her silk panties help me"

Monday, August 2

"how would people react to a syndrome this advanced & how would it affect the world?"
"can a mother do daycare if she has a child on probation living with her?"