Sunday, July 18

"was eazy-e gay"
"was elvis gay?"
"was hitler jewish"
"was jesus asian"
"was tupac gay?"


  1. Well, Jesus was Middle Eastern...

  2. The middle east is in southwest Asia, anon.

  3. There's a lot of chat back in the 50s about the possibility Hitler's father might have been the illegitimate son of the son of a Jewish family his mother worked for. It's a matter of historical record that he was recorded as being illegitimate and the space for the name of his father on his birth certificate was left blank. It's possible that his adoptive father was his biological father but it's also possible it was this Jewish guy which would make him 'half-Jewish' and Hitler therefore 'a quarter Jewish' and therefore Jewish by his own racial laws. Someone tried to blackmail him with this information at the time but the Nazis dismissed it as nonsense.

    So the answers are

    Possibly bisexual
    Possibly, by his own definition
    Not really. He was semitic but that tends not to be what people mean by 'asian'
    No, he was guilty of (heterosexual) sexual assault