Wednesday, June 30

"Book About Penis Size of Liam Neeson Milton Burrow & David Letterman"

Friday, June 25

"is it illegal to answer your door naked?"

Thursday, June 24

"significance of looking at the clock at the same time everyday"
"make cum taste good quickly"

"do arabs have sex"

- no, they clone themselves.
"is there a difference between islam and muslims"
"can i breastfeed my husband"

Tuesday, June 22

"puberty & seeing spirits"
"telekinesis & puberty"

- go on...
"abandoning a child with the intent to return"

- yeah, just tell that to the judge.I'm sure it'll be fine.

Friday, June 18

"will sucidal tendencies get me out of marines boot camp?"
"my casio calculator is giving me a fraction as an answer"
"can i file my wife's tax return without her consent?"
"his arousal pressed against her & arentinian accent"
"i peed in my car"

Thursday, June 10

"Why Is Speaking Well in English So Importance?"

Wednesday, June 9

"set my son's hair in hair curlers as punishment"

Tuesday, June 8

"i put my sperm in my mom"
"narcissistic six year old"

- a self-evident tautology.

Monday, June 7

"break ups are like removing a bandaide"
"11 inches of black gay pain"
"i have maggots in my horse manure i"

Friday, June 4

"how to tell if limit exists"
"how to look beaten up"
"can you expel organs from your rectum"
"can dogs recover if the eat mushrooms"
"calcium-whats it good for"