Monday, May 31

"why is it important to wear a trauser"
"what's the name of that movie"
"what shoes do rappers wear"
"can you walk around with a butt plug"
"can you unshrink clothes"
"can you use nair on pubic hair"

- ouch. i mean, sure.

Sunday, May 30

"loosing a son to suicide or divorce which is more devasting"

Wednesday, May 26

"whack your boss 16 ways"
"pictures of white women pregnant with black seed"

Tuesday, May 25

"all i want for christmas is a deep dark tan"
"perspiration odor of the testicles"
- from russia with... a camera.

"russian mom films son screwing her"
"she dragged her husband to stop his erections"
"here are my cholesterol levels are they ok"

Monday, May 24

"i poked a hole in my eyeball"

Friday, May 21

"family home evening ideas about jesus christ"
"i have in my hands two boxes which god gave me to hold"

- then how do you type?

Wednesday, May 19

"how to become a shemale"
"reasons to get married"

"10 reasons to not get married"
"yahtzee strategy"
"10 traits a accountant should have"
"20 things to do after an earthquake"

Thursday, May 13

"she pooped herself at orgasm"
"how to make boyfriend think of you"

Wednesday, May 12

"i lost a tampon in my vagina"
"i found condoms in my wife's bedside table"
"i guess you'll be an asshole for the rest of your life"
"i found the lily in my valley"

Tuesday, May 11

"i need a real strong lucky charm"
"how to make a mayan pyramid out of sugar cubes"
"how do china people celebrate christmas traditions information"
"advanced masterbatiom"

Monday, May 10

"i have something in my nose that is not a buger"
"i put my sperm in my mom"
"reindeer soup"
"how to know if someone is listening to me in my house?"
"using hydrogen as a fuel for internal combustion engine"

- my nomination for this year's Darwin Awards
"how to goet your mom to have sex with you"

- happy mothers day (?)
"i need a big black dick review"

Wednesday, May 5

"how to become tall"
"coloring & painting someone's face or hair for a prank"
"weird way to grow strawberries"

- i dunno, in reverse?

Tuesday, May 4

"how to commit a natural crime"
"should a mother choose a stepdaughter over her daughter for maid of honor in bridal party?"

- probably.
"how to know your a wizard"

- if you have to ask...
"defrocking a fraud with ptsd"

- wtf?
"how can i destroy my own pants?"
"how to easily seduce a womans mind"
"using canned food for sculpture"
"how do i get a dog to screw me?"
"how to contact netzero"

- may as well ask how to go back in time.
"running over fat kids in my van"

Monday, May 3

"how to potty train my husband"
"cafe-au-lait is short for what medical term?"
"can i spy on your mom?"
"i find my husband repulsive"
"my wife doesn't see why I don't want her boyfriend over"
"all the best cowboy have daddy issues"
"lungs too long to fit on a xray"
"how to kill obama"
"how to make chloroform"

- I've seen this enough to know that this is not a science experiment.