Friday, April 30

"my doctor gave me a hand job"

Wednesday, April 28

"key stroke her space holiday?"

Tuesday, April 27

"how does a man feel when a women tells that she will give him the time & space that he needs?"
"rectal temperature nurses"
"sticking it through a toilet tissue roll"
"natural pathetic doctors san antonio texas"

- hippies. learn how to spell.
"will not eating make you lose weight?"

Monday, April 26

"do the seeds in a tomato grow?"
"is chowder a better tv show than spongebob?"
"what will i look like with braces on"
"help i am so ugly support groups"
"finding a health doctor in the exhition ohio area"

- wtf is a 'health doctor'?

Wednesday, April 21

"introduction for decition making"
"contact information for the FBI"

- they'll call YOU. don't worry about it.
"application for dating my father"

- operating on a lot of false assumptions here.

Tuesday, April 20

"will i be alone forever?"

- keep talking to search engines, and probably yes.
"dating advise for thai women"
"dating disasters for women"
"dating for 50 & older"
"dating for christian singles"
"dating for homeless"
"dating for nerds"
"dating for pastors"
"dating for teenagres"
"dating for ugly guys"
"ceiling fans for fans"
"penguin clothing is not for straight people"
"bird droppings jewelry"

Sunday, April 18

"real sperm and alcohol mixed drink"
"flesh eating bacteria lawyers"
"i pooped on myself while unconsious after a bike accident"
"skiing to new zealand from australia"

Wednesday, April 14

"a letter to a editor expressing concern about the indiscriminate use of loud speakers"
"touching mother in her bra"

Monday, April 12

"tupac biggie get killed by illuminati"

- you mean the trilateral commission, right?
"get mike in brazil password"

- get off the internet.
"thing to say to your wife to get a dirove"
"alternative schools for child who won't do her work"

- that's not really 'alternative'.
"what does she mean when she says not ready?"

- no means.... ?
"male weight gain stories she secretly make him fat"
"distance & time for phermones to work"

Sunday, April 11

"can sucking nipples of 70 year women produce breast milk?"

- try it and get back to us.

Thursday, April 8

"good and bad's of credit cards"
"the secret society of cool people"
"which countries are against changing their flag?"
"who own's the zebra?"

Wednesday, April 7

"really tough names for dogs"
"she males on fire"
"korean woman talking about clocks"
"good paying jobs that are hard that nobody wants"
"this female wants to know when a male will get over being mad"
"to marines have to grow beards when they go to afgaghnastan"

[a litany]

"boss wants me to work christmas"

"boss wants me to do his job"

"wife wants me to dress as a woman"

"girlfriend wants me to wear her prom dress"
"santa kneeling over jesus"

- just one of the sick fucks you probably know.
"how to make money with dancing on the internet"

Tuesday, April 6

"how big is my fish?"
"how to make a taser out of a phone"
"is it legal to give an emergency contraception to a girl without her consent?"
"what is the single best advice for a woman being chased by a man she likes?"
"dogs free to good home australia"

- really? you narrowed it down to a continent?
"long does it take for pubic hair to grow back"

- whoops.
"it is a shame for a man to wear long hair"
"get the wild game taste out of deer meat"
"get a man to rape you"
"fine i admit it i think of you"
"pros and cons of breathing"

Saturday, April 3

"why would my cat be holding her urine?"
"can a woman become pregnant with precum when she had 2 layers on?"
"her farts smelled like apple cinnamin"
"what should a muslim woman call her husband?"

- i'm waiting for the punch line.
"how to know if wife is sleeping with her boss"
"if they never find her guess who gets to spend eternity in jail"

- um... you?
"how to find out if a woman like to show off her nipple"
"how to divorce your mail order bride and does she have to go back home"
"my wife doesn't see why she i don't want her boyfriend over"
"does jennifer garner get her sun dresses from calypso?"
"woman sits on man as he worships her feet"

Thursday, April 1

"beautfuk things to say to your girl friend"

- yes, i know the k is next to the l on the keyboard, but it's still pretty fuckin' funny...
"girls look so good but their brains are not ready"
"i'd rather have chemo than clean out that garage"
"she throws the want ads my way & never fails to say get a job"
"she wanted to give enemas not receive"
"my vet let the technician clean my dog's teeth & she died"
"the more you drive the more she strips"