Thursday, February 11

"how to cum without jacking off"


  1. Dude drink about a tonne of water, and DONT PEE!!!! see what happens.... best ejaculation of ur life!!!!!

  2. i'm pretty sure the above advice will just rupture your bladder. don't do it.

    there are a variety of ways for a man to achieve orgasm without masturbation, and most of these involve the aid of another person and could probably be best termed broadly in all their different forms as sex.

    However, if you don't masturbate or have sex for a long period of time, chances are, eventually you will have a nocturnal emission, and ejaculate in your sleep. this may or may not coincide with an erotic dream, and may or may not wake you up.

    Also, you could experience arousal during the day and have an involuntary ejaculation from say, looking at an exceptionally attractive female.

    In any case, these are not highly desirable scenarios, at least to most people, who generally prefer sex or masturbation.