Wednesday, January 13

this could possibly be the longest search ever:

"I have cheated on my husband and lied about it for a year i know i made a huge mistake and regret every moment of it as i so love my husband, hes my rock.i hate myself for this and what hurts most is that i cant stand that looking at his pain the hurt i put him through. even though i wasnt intimate with this other man mainly friends but we went out quite a bit for drinks. my husband has seen photos of us together and it makes him ill. i feel lost and alone and i have ruined everything all because i was feeling lonely and not wanted at the time.even though my husband and I love each other to bits, he cannot cope with this and I dont blame him."


  1. Looks like someone mistook google for facebook. What the Hell would she even be searching for?

  2. "It'll be okay. That's it, that's it... let it all out. You know, you look really good in those pants." - Google

  3. "Awww. Look, I'm sorry, but I'm a fucking search engine not a doctor" - Google