Friday, October 30

"what is in my nose?"
"ways to accidentally get pregnant"

Thursday, October 29

"could someone bennifit from the cure of a cancer if they have been dead for years?"

Wednesday, October 28

"should i tell my employer i have alzheimers?"
"how long will erections occur at a nudist area?"

Tuesday, October 27

"blew nose and tumor came out"
"Can Post Nasal Drip Cause Shoulder Pain?"
"praising god & getting goose bumps"

omg! me too!

[dog is a dish best served...]

"is dog eaten hot or cold in china?"

Sunday, October 25

"who is best obama or mckean?"
"if a guy winks at you does it mean he fancy's you"
"How Short Is Too Short for Skinny Jeans?"

Friday, October 23

"help with children out of control in oklahoma"
"faggots at disney world"
"my vagina is dark how can i litghen the color"
"percentage of 3 nippled people in the USA"

Thursday, October 22

"Warning Signs That a Child Is Being Groomed"
"how many people die with alzheimers?"

um, all of them.
"how huge yourenormous udders are"

"if the earth rotates around the sun at 67,000 mph then why does your hair not constantly blow?"
"should i wear a football jersey after football season?"

Wednesday, October 21

"i am publishing my own book what name should i pick"
"how can i get more radio stations in my car?"
"how can i get a top secret clearance?"
"can i legally write a web page about my wife?"
"what age should i get my child into showbiz?"
"can i put a restraining order against my parole officer?"
"should i worry about a voice mail that i left?"

if you're asking google, you've probably asked everyone else you know already, too. which also means that you probably should worry about that voice mail.
"what is days should i have sex to get pregnant"
"can i get pregnant without him going in me"

Tuesday, October 20

"free herpes"

Saturday, October 17

"i feel that people will find out i dont know my job"
"jobs that are hiring 16 year olds"

(careful what you wish for...)

Friday, October 16

"there is a girl at work that stares at me is she a lesbian?"

Wednesday, October 14

"if you where a dress that a guy has seen you in before and says you look beautiful does that mean he likes"
"display pictures that are hot girls"

first time online?
"wicca spells to remove stretch marks"
"foot problems astrology"
"black guy crashes a harley funny video"

Tuesday, October 13

"i am a woman & have been working on wt. machines & i'm getting too big"
"living on coke & rum like so what i'm drunk"
"luckily the baby had dark skin"

"Can I buy the mattress used at the Bellagio Hotel?"

"sing the stupid song so i can eat birthday cake"
"urinals for the home"
"Temporary Room Insert for Parent in Garage"

Monday, October 12

"Christian Woman Married to Unsaved Foolish Man"
"how do I know if my husband is a sociopath?"

Sunday, October 11

"celebrities that are sober"
"I cannot afford to buy hanging flower baskets"

Thursday, October 8

"when in arkansas do you plant apple trees?"

is there anything else to do?
"how many calories do you smoke with marijiuana?"
"did allah & muhammad hate woman & make them slaves & dirt & not eaul to muslim men?"
"famous people who were almost aborted"
"famous people who died of gluttony"
"i s there a test to find out if your in a friendship or a love ship"
"how many calories if i swallow dog sperm?"

that's the issue here?
"will banana chips give you an errection?"
"i hope you get a black eye fighting for something you can believe in"
"i have decided that I can put on my most loving and human face tonight for christina and"

...and? and? and WHAT???
"teenage boys with long hair taking female hormones"

excellent diagnosis. that must be the reason for the long hair...

Wednesday, October 7

"mother cheating with son and his friend while watching T.v"
"sprained ankle +metaphysical"

Tuesday, October 6

"can people with epilepsy get married?"

[don't call it a comeback]

"Is pubic hair making a comeback?"
"why dont they make breakfast foods for cats?"
animal vs. woman
"my first experience milking a cow poem"

Monday, October 5

"is panic at the disco goth?"

-as goth as i am.
"removing eggs from vinyl siding"

you know, if it happens.

Sunday, October 4

"what do the jews want?"

Saturday, October 3

"work is busy and i need space have issues"
"is that music i can hear?"

[i made up a new word]

"rap music negatively influence young listerns behavior"

illiriot: an idiot who's also an illiterate.

Friday, October 2

"jewish girls white guys"
"jewish shower curtain"

Thursday, October 1

"Does the Silent Treatment Hurt Others?"

"Silent Treatment Abuse"

[to protect and search]

"as a lead investigator in a crime scene do i need a search warrant"