Wednesday, September 9

[settle a huge bet]

"huge clitorist" - like a giant collector of clitori?

damnit, now you made me look up "plural of clitoris." Lucky for you readers, I did the search for you (i'm your porn filter jesus), so your boss doesn't think you're a sick fuck waste of HR warnings.

Body part
Original lang. Plural in original
Plural in English
Clitoris Greek Clitorides Clitorises
Vagina Latin Vaginae Vaginas
Vulva Latin Vulvae Vulvas
Penis Latin Penes Penises

Opinions are all over the place and I really don't care enough to hunt down an authority (a clitorist!) to find out, but in case this is settling some sort of bad scrabble bet, it doesn't. Some other internets will show you clitoris, clitorides, clitori, etc.

I recommend going to the Vulvapedia on for a true expert analysis.

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