Tuesday, May 19

[fetish alert]

"Girls Swimming in Water Wearing Winter Coats on"

I've seen a ton of the wearing-clothes-in-the-water variety, but never one as specific and demanding as this one. why don't YOU put on a winter coat and jump into the pool? Asshole.


  1. You're very bitter. I mean, whoever searched for this has some interesting tastes, but calling him an asshole is a bit harsh.

  2. really? while i've never personally tried to swim with a winter coat on, i'm betting that not only is it difficult to actually do, but it's also rather dangerously heavy.

  3. Probably depends on what kind of coat. I mean, ski coats/etc are waterproof, so I don't imagine they'd get much heavier.

  4. I think they're water-resistant. If you go swimming with a ski jacket you'll also drown. Or come close to it.

    But hey, try it. It should be fun. And someone might get off on it if you take pictures, too!