Friday, March 6

[just apply yourself]

"how do I build the best gummi ship?"


  1. Sadly, I know exactly what this person was looking for, and the search makes perfect sense as it is written.

    The video game series Kingdom Hearts on the Playstation2 merged the Disney Universe with the Final Fantasy Universe (a role-playing video game). One of the vehicles you use in the game is a space ship called the Gummi Ship given to you by the Gummi Bears (characters in a Disney cartoon show from the '80s). In the game, you could fly the ship around space, and do missions to find upgraded parts for the ship. This person is probably looking for information on the best parts to upgrade, and where to find them in the game.


  2. Regardless of the searcher's actual intent, a gummi ship now sounds like such a good idea that I am considering asking for one instead of a birthday cake next year.