Saturday, February 28

[feeding the beast]

This site has started to feed itself like a massive black hole of Super Dumb.

The posts themselves are beginning to attract new, similar queries from other searchers, creating a self-propelled machine running on pure Awesome.

Among the search queries that have led people to in the last 24 hours:
  • "dogs that look like people"
  • "do japanese men find caucasian women attractive"
  • "do women find crossdressers attractive"
This is going to get exponentially more interesting...

[maybe in WEST virginia]

"can you teach drivers ed at home in virginia?"

Friday, February 27

[free jar for the answer to this one]

"another word meaning mustard"

[fetish alert]

"free how to guides to family sex"

[really, it's worth the time to read the directions]

"how to make pregnancy test say positive"

[it is told that the Elders once said...]

"grabbing and touching breasts makes them bigger"

this one really works with any accent and it's funny. mister miyagi's was the first one that came to my head, for some reason...

[good detective work, lou]

"list and photos of all the known actresses getting fucked"

[get off the internet]

"free real live prof that weman fuck horses"

[floating holiday]

"calling in gay to work"

[postal workers beware]

"how much does a gallon of urine weigh?"

Wednesday, February 25

[Finding George Washington]

"how is the plot of finding nemo similar to the revolutionary war"

[a little edgy?]

"what all can i sue someone for?"

[if M.C. Escher had the internets]

"books on why it is important to have literature"

[leading the witness]

"hair cells are important in the sense of"...

[jesus looooves the container store]

"what the bible says about organizing my life"

[do her yourself]

"how to make a sex doll at home"

"detailed instructions on how to make a sex doll"

[anti-semite horses]

"why wont horses eat latkes"

[go back to school]

"Who Invented Rock Climbing?"
"Who Invented Swedish Meatballs?"
"Who Invented the First Pair of Sandals?"
"Who Invented the First Ship in the World?"


"Who Discovered the WNBA"

[the eating spoon]

"who invented the eating spoon"

[most best superlatives]

"Who Is the Richest Person on Earth Today"

A very common question, even if that particular variation is a little awkward... A little less common? Continue below (italics mine).

"most richest person in world"
"second richest person on earth"
"photos of the richest person on earth"
"richest man on the planet. whole name"
"how is the richest man in the world of 2008?"

[the ugliest superlative]

"the ugliest man alive"
"the most ugliest man alive"
"World's Ugliest Man"
"ugliest man alive flavor flav"
"rick davis ugliest man alive"
"ugliest chinese man alive"

[all dogs go to... ]

"where dus snopp dogs parens live?"
"where does any dogs live?"
"where do all dogs live?"

[get off the internet]

"What Do I Look Like?"

[beyond lazy]

"Free Descriptive Essay About My Bedroom"

[money for nothin' and...]

"How to Make My Boobs Bigger Without Paying Anything"

[how is this even possibly a good idea?]

"can I use tanning lamps in regular light fixtures?"

[self emotilation]

"Do You Become Emo When You Cut Yourself?"

Tuesday, February 24

[if you can't beat 'em...]

"How to make my coworker cross dress"

[never, ever give up]

"How Can I Transform Into a Dog?"

Monday, February 23

[fetish alert]

"pregnant dog fucking"

"pregnant dog porn"

[cookoo for chemistry]

"Could This Be a Side Effect of Taking Zoloft?"

If by "this" you mean asking a cluster of computers for highly personal and individual medical advice, and by "taking zoloft" you really mean "not taking enough zoloft," then yes - it most likely is. Please see your real doctor immediately.

[proof is for heathens]

"what proof is there that obama is the antichrist?"

related: "characteristics of the antichrist and obama"

[go ahead and try]

"Pretend Not to Find Black Men Attractive"

...and 99 other inane, related questions/statements (in the comments)

[cunning linguists]

"Do White Men Find Latin Sexually Attractive?"

[by all means]

"I have desire to do the kickflip"

[one of these things doesn't belong]

"dogs that look like bears"
"dogs that look like foxes"
"dogs that look like hitler"
"dogs that look like hyenas"
"dogs that look like lambs"
"dogs that look like people"
"dogs that look like sheep"
"dogs that look like small cows"
"dogs that look like wolf"


"Do Red Squirrels Eat the Nuts Off Other Squirrels?"


"My Boss Likes to Prove Me Wrong"

[two sides to every story]

"the disadvantages of reading books"

[get off the internet]

"do you think i'm spoiled? don't be mean either. LOL"

[science, schmience]

"Biblical Reason Why No Life in Outer Space"

[never, ever give up]

"Can Diamonds Be Made From Peanut Butter?"

Sunday, February 22

[be very afraid]

"why are black people good at dancing?"

"why black people don't read"

"why black people can't swim"

[sticks and stones]

"can i sue someone for calling me stupid or idiot?"

"can i sue if someone calls me white trash?"

[why would you think that?]

"can i get fired because of a bad performance review?"

[oscar special]

"list of actresses who can't act"

[unintended irony]

"list of 100 extremely good adjectives"


"list of african americans who accomplish something"

"a list of unknown african americans from 1980"

"list of african americans from 1733 to 1940"

Saturday, February 21

[do it yourself]

"how do you make meth, not meth enfedemeens?"

"how to make meth the right way"

[not a good idea]

"how to make a bong from a shotgun"

[hopes and dreams]

"How to Make a Living Raising Earthworms"

[fetish alert]

"My Dad's a Rock Star Porn"

[genus retardus]

"Do Squirrels Eat Pancreases?"

Friday, February 20


"why men wear bras"
"why men don't wear bras"

[just ten?]

"10 most asked questions about dog in heat"

[just ten?]

"10 funniest things to do in a public bathroom stall"

Thursday, February 19

[the cure is the cause]

"Can You Get Asthma by Using an Asthma Pump?"


"Prayer to Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction"