Wednesday, October 22

"what does an anal whole look like from inside"

Friday, November 15

"is it ok if a rabbit drinks beer?"

Thursday, November 14

"i love how we don't even need to say out loud that i'm your favorite child"

Wednesday, November 13

"is it ok to eat brown guacamole"
"is it ok to eat expired yogurt"
"is it ok to drink expired beer"

Thursday, October 24

"can you put water your vagina in steade of a penis?"

um, maybe you should just leave your vagina alone for a little while 'in steade' of putting things in it.

Wednesday, October 23

"connect electricity to your penis"

This is a shockingly bad idea.
"do girls noses get hard when they are horny?"

"is it ok to yell at my baby"

"is it ok to yell at your children"

"is it ok to yell at your dog"

"is it ok to yell at your girlfriend"

"is it ok to yell at your kids"

"is it ok to yell at your spouse"

"is it ok to yell while pregnant"

"is it ok to yell"

"good thing nigga rhymes with nigga"

"i don't understand thai but i know how to sing though"
"i don't know how to love the drums"

Thursday, October 3

"how to become a fashion"

Wednesday, July 17

"Shyness pronunciation"

The 'n' is silent... probably.

Tuesday, July 9

"is it ok to eat your skin"
"is it ok to have sex with a vegine"

vegan? vagina? who knows...
"is it ok to inject milk?"

[makes sense]

"i don't want to fall asleep after i snort my last bag of heroin powder because it keep happaning to me for three days now"

[only one way to find out]

"is it ok to drink boiling tap water"


"is it ok not to texture bathroom walls"
"is it ok for my hubby to dress and act like a baby"