Thursday, December 1

"what excellence is not"

Wednesday, November 30

"is it legal to sell to a minor in the presence of the parents"
"what does the bible say about aliens"
"what does the bible say about big foot"

Wednesday, November 23

"pinky ring make a bitch fart nigga meaning"
"i don't want to die in texas"

Tuesday, November 22

"is it weird for your girlfriend to call you nigga"

Monday, November 21

"spells to someone to agree witch you"

Sunday, November 20

"how did witches come to earth"
"my stomach won't stop shitting"
"i also don't think being president is a good job!"

Wednesday, November 16

"i don't feel much of an urge to go poop"
"i got gold braces should i have chosed clear instead"
"where in the bible does it say jesus is black"
"what does the bible say about women soon to be age fourty"
"how do u say my name is. i like to play basketball. my favorite food is pizza. i like to study the bible everyday. in hebrew"
"what does the holy bible say about amorphadites?"

What do the bible say about this?

"when a person has been tought have to grow up in god while i have not grown up in god what do the bible say about this?"
"what does the bible say about plagiarism"

ironically, the bible is synonymous with The Word Of God (TWOG), which would mean every single copy of the bible is plagiarised. what does the bible say about that, indeed?
"what does the bible say about breaking up"